What Is Healthy Paint & Construction Talk?

Healthy Paint & Construction Talk was created as an opportunity to continue learning, as well as share with interested others; healthy, responsible and sustainable painting, construction, decorating and cleaning products and practices.

As with the fairly recent trend of misrepresenting and carelessly throwing around words such as “natural” and “organic”, we today find ourselves being presented with countless promises of “eco-ness”, “greenness” and “sustainability” from many service and product providers.

Our Goal will be to address the misconceptions many of us have around these matters, and do our best to get at the truths.

On each episode of Healthy Paint & Construction Talk, you will hear licensed contractors discussing their ongoing projects, and how they work to manage healthy, high quality and guaranteed results.

We will talk with our very own lead paint remodel, repair and renovation experts; learn the proper methods for containment and disposal, and be informed of any changes in the legal rules or regulations.