Darryl Whalen has been a professional painting contractor since the summer of 1978, when he started out as a teenage handyman and helper in his northeastern Ohio neighborhood. In 1983, he formed Whalen Painting, which successfully operated until 2008, when Darryl decided to fully commit himself and his company to operating in the most ecologically responsible manner possible, with the greatest focus being on health and safety.

He lived the better part of his 41 years in Cleveland, Ohio and then moved to the Seattle, Washington area in 2002; a place he is fond of to this day.

In the past 5 years, aside from all of the great interior and exterior painting work that Healthy Painting LLC has done, Darryl and his company have taken on many learning opportunities in the field of “green” education, have memberships in several local like-minded organizations, and volunteer and donate services in the community.

Darryl and Healthy Painting, LLC are always willing to learn and further educate themselves about new approaches and products and the evolution of sustainability. They are eager for feedback and very much invite comments, questions, & curiosities at any time.

As a lifelong musician and DJ in semi-retirement, Darryl was seeking to satisfy his desire to participate in creative, specialized media outlets, as well as contribute positively to the world at large. He met with the beginnings of success in his quest when, in late 2010, Darryl created the Healthy Homecast Podcast program and produced its first episode in January, 2011. The program put a primary focus on interviews related to environmentally conscious product, practice and service providers in the construction field.

In mid-2011, the Healthy Homecast podcast became the GreenerViews podcast, wherein the primary focus shifted away from the construction field. Healthy Paint Talk was launched to meet that need and focus specifically on that intention.

Welcome to Healthy Paint & Construction Talk and the Healthy Homecast Network!