Randy Parcel is the current Audio Engineer, Editor and Voiceover guy for the Healthy Homecast Network. His love for audio, the Pacific Northwest and the improvement of life in general converge in his work for this set of podcasts. Duties include equipment setup, mixing, recording and processing of podcast content, recording voiceovers and creating bumpers for shows.randy-image

His previous jobs have included working as a software tester and a karaoke host. His interests include camping, hiking and other outdoor activities, photography and videography, as well as music, games and animation of all kinds.

Randy feels strongly about the development, adoption and proliferation of alternative energy sources, the preservation and protection of wilderness and their indigenous species, the banning of hydraulic fracturing as a practice for extracting fuel from the earth, and the labeling (or banning) of products containing Genetically Modified Organisms.

Randy has two YouTube channels and a bandcamp page: