Thomas Mower is a lifelong Puget Sound resident and enjoys the honor of being a husband, father and grandfather.tom-image

Tom became a member of the Healthy Painting Team as a Laborer Assistant in early 2010 and quickly rose to the position of Project Manager, as well as the Oversight Director for Client & Employee Relations.

This turned out to be a perfect transition from positions he held previously as Assistant Outreach Coordinator for Highline Community College, and Para Educator for the Highline School District.

As well, Tom is no stranger to the construction world, having held positions with several notable construction firms as both a Framer and a Weatherization Technician.

Noticing that companies were “routinely cutting corners and making profit the priority (often at the client’s expense)”, Tom was admittedly sheltered from the healthier and more responsible options that were available in the areas of construction products and practices.

With excitment, he took to it almost instantly and there has not been any looking back. Tom continues to learn through his new experiences, various trainings and interactions with local and national experts as well as in his own educating, training and inspiring of others.

As a behind-the-scenes researcher and contributor, Thomas Mower is an important part of The Healthy Homecast Network; most notably to the public eye, he can be heard as the Co-Host of both The Healthy Paint Talk Podcast, and The Sound Green Events Podcast programs.